“There is joy in heaven when a soul is won”

I want to share this living testimony with you all my cherished partners in my ministry.

I was inspired by the Holy Spirit to teach on “Forgiveness and Guilt” on the radio broadcast on the 12th March, 2016.

After the ministrations, many people called and expressed how they have been touched and imparted by the message. I also ministered further to some of them. But I want this one with you who called me Sunday 13th March, 2016 after church.

This brother has spent almost everything he has to change the life of a lady he meet beaten and battered by life. They both promised to marry each other.

As at the time the brother called, the lady has jilted him for her former boyfriend and has broken the heart of the brother.

The brother has decided to go to a juju man that Saturday to go and make the lady mad or destroy her life. As he was contemplating that, he heard me teaching on Forgiveness and Guilt under the anointing and he was so touched. To the glory of God, he rescinded his decision and decided to let go.

Cherished partners, your financial and prayer support is going a long way to save souls and lives. I gave thanks to God so much because no price can be placed on a life.

I want to thank you and bless God for your life for your support to my ministry. May the Lord bless you abundantly. I want you to know that, we are in the ministry together. Let’s partner more to take the gospel of peace, healing, deliverance and salvation to all the nations.

God gives seed to the sower (Isaiah 55:10). I therefore pray for God to bless you abundantly with finances so that you can sow into his work.

My prayer is that, may the Lord grant you:
1. An uncommon favour

  1. A pleasant surprise

  2. Vision helpers

  3. Uncommon ideas.

May the Lord keep you and hold. May he cause His face to shine upon you. May the Lord guide your steps and deliver your feet from evil traps. May favour from every side locate you. May you never labour in vain.

May your week be full of miracles, testimonies and laughter in Jesus name.

Have a blessed week.

©Rev. Albert A. Adjetey (Divine Wisdom Ministry International)


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