Jeremiah 23
24 Can any hide himself in secret places that I shall not see him? saith the LORD. Do not I fill heaven and earth? saith the LORD.

A good friend blessed me recently with a wrist watch and I am so grateful. But going through the manual and checking the various functions of the phone; brethren I got scared and that is where the above scripture hit me strongly and I decided to share with you.

The wrist watch can act as a CCTV camera wherever I am. It is also a mobile phone that can do auto call recording. Meaning that, every call I receive on it is automatically recorded. Once it has an Android platform, I could easily have a true caller app on it and will easily know whoever calls. This sets me thinking.

I also started thinking about our use of social media. Years ago, we use to have journals and diaries that are padlocked but now we put all our so call secrets on social media and make it public. We indicate our mood and how we feel as our Whatsapp status for the whole world to know. I also thought about how we share information that one information shared to another could rich one billion people in less than no time.

We are exposed and naked in the face of information technology.

Be careful when you speak on the phone because the other person may be recording the conversation. In a meeting, be careful because someone may be recording you with his or her pen or watch like mine.

There are no hiding places brethren. Be careful. You can now run but you can’t hide.

Don’t try to do evil because you will found out. Be careful about the way you use social media because you are what you put there.

So if information technology can expose us this way; how much more is our God who is Omnipresent. Our God is everywhere and above all knows everything.

Don’t deceive yourself; there is nothing that you think, say or do that God is not aware of.

The word of God judges our thoughts and our intents. Be careful.

Physically, you are not safe and Spiritually God sees everything.

You can just run like Jonah but you can never hide from God.

Think about this piece and consider your ways. It is scary!

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