Overcoming reproach and shame

Overcoming reproach and shame

(The outline of the message on radio on 14/1/17)

Main text:
Mark 5: 25-34 “The woman with the issue of blood”

1. Identify your problems and challenges

2. Identify also that it is a helpless situation and know that you can’t help yourself.

3. Recognize that you need God in your situation because He alone can deliver you

4. Get ready to hear about Jesus

5. Build your faith in Him and His word

6. Confess what you have believed

7. Position yourself to take action

8. Take action

9. Persevere and endure against all odds

10. Do exactly what you need to do

11. Be sensitive to the breakthrough, miracle and deliverance

12. Give your testimony

Mark 5: 25-34 “The woman with the issue of blood”

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He believes believes that wisdom and knowledge shall be the stability of our time. (Isaiah 33:6)

His core values in life are Faith, Integrity, Righteousness and Excellence.

He believes that, the word of God is all you need to have all your needs met.

His messages have transformed lives across the globe.

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