1. Thank the Lord with me. God has been faithful in all things.

2. May the Lord give me more grace to fear and love Him more.

3. May the Lord deliver me from anyone that will take me away from Him.

4. May the Lord give me fresh anointing to do His work faithfully

5. May the Lord give me the Spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him.

6. May the grant me the spirit of boldness to declare the mysteries of the kingdom.

7. May the Lord always cover me with His blood and cause His blood to speak for me.

8. May the Lord open doors for His word to be preached.

9. May the Lord make me a Kingdom minded person continually.

10. May the Lord make me firm and steadfast in His grace. May I never be cast away after I have done His work.

11. May the Lord cause me to walk in righteousness and holiness.

12. May the Lord deliver me from lukewarmness, conformity and compromise.

13. May the Lord empower me to please Him only at all times.

14. May I bring glory to Him alone in whatever I do.

15. May I never miss heaven. I want to walk on the streets of Gold.

Good day

Rev. Albert A. Adjetey


A teacher of the Word, An author, a conference speaker, a radio minister, a motivational speaker, a guest speaker to many churches and organization. Has a passion for lost souls and the youth.

He believes believes that wisdom and knowledge shall be the stability of our time. (Isaiah 33:6)

His core values in life are Faith, Integrity, Righteousness and Excellence.

He believes that, the word of God is all you need to have all your needs met.

His messages have transformed lives across the globe.

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