Joseph sent food to his brother and yet they put him in a pit without water. They even later sold him into slavery.

As a slave boy in Portiphar’s house, he served them faithfully and cheerfully. Because of him, God blessed their home. Yet, he was accused falsely and was thrown into prison.

In prison, he worked cheerfully not complaining about his ordeal. He interpreted dream for someone and requested to be remembered.

At the right time, the fellow prisoner of Joseph who was restored remembered him and recommended him to Pharoah when there was no way out for Pharoah.

Overnight, Joseph was released from prison and he became a prime minister on a strange land.

Brethren, I don’t who I am sending this word to but one thing I am so sure of is that God will change your story.

Whatever you are going through now will work together for your good.

Your dreams will not be aborted.

Those who want your downfall will soon see you in your glorious state.

Don’t be defined by where you are now. You will be what God has ordained you to be.

Stop complaining and maintain a cheerful face in all situation because your story will soon change.

God has not given up on you. You will get there. Your dream shall be a reality.

It is not over until God says so.

Good day and it is well.

©Rev. Albert A. Adjetey

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A teacher of the Word, An author, a conference speaker, a radio minister, a motivational speaker, a guest speaker to many churches and organization. Has a passion for lost souls and the youth.

He believes believes that wisdom and knowledge shall be the stability of our time. (Isaiah 33:6)

His core values in life are Faith, Integrity, Righteousness and Excellence.

He believes that, the word of God is all you need to have all your needs met.

His messages have transformed lives across the globe.

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