The only thing that bring joy …….

The only thing that bring joy .......

Delight heaven.

The only thing that bring joy in heaven is when one sinner repents. Be concerned about the lost souls. Make it a point to win a soul for Jesus.

Whosoever wins a soul is wise. Talk to someone today about Jesus Christ and the experience you have had in Him. Invite a friend, a customer or a relative who is unsaved to Jesus.

Use every appropriate means to win a soul. Don’t be shy. Don’t be too busy to win a soul. Let your lifestyle also win souls for Jesus. By all means win at least a soul this month for Jesus. You will be rewarded now on this earth and also in heaven.

Don’t blow away this opportunity. Win a soul. One job for every believer is soul winning. Win a soul and delight heaven.  This week is declared. “Operation Delight Heaven”.

Have a blessed week.